About Me

Hello my name is Jason Dinh and I’m a virtual assistant looking forward to helping you and your business.

I have worked with many close friends and family start their own small businesses from the ground up. The areas I specialize in are social media marketing, Shopify + WordPress, graphic design, and tech support. However, I offer many other services as well. I’ve been doing this for over 4 years!

I live in North Texas with girlfriend, Lili, who I’ve been dating for over a year now.


Lili and I met at an anime convention here in Dallas. She’s an extremely talented cosplayer with a growing Instagram following. Her dream is to become an Instagram influencer and I’m here to fully support her, like she supports me with my career decisions. I’m extremely lucky to have her and I’m looking forward to our future.


I’m a pretty big Japanese car enthusiast and enjoy spending time with my friends and meeting new people at car meets. Here’s my 2017 Nissan 370z, Zyra. I plan on modifying her and entering her into many car shows in the near future.

Now that you know a little about my personal life, let me tell you how I got to where I am today as a virtual assistant and how I can benefit you and your business!

After graduating high school, I got my first real job as a customer service representative at a pharmacy. There, I found out that I was really good at helping and interacting with customers. Since I was still young, I wanted to experience what other job fields had to offer.

After the pharmacy, I landed a job working at CitiGroup where it was all about meeting quotas on time. I got really quick and efficient at my job, but I lacked the flexibility to go to school and to do the things I loved. Thankfully, this was the moment where I found out about forex trading from a co-worker. I found out he was making more in a month than what some of the people there were making in a whole year!

I quit a month or two afterwards with his help. At the time, forex wasn’t making enough for me, since the profits were inconsistent and my account was small. I had to find some kind of side hustle. I ended up opening many small businesses from a custom PC building company, clothing line, to a drop shipping company. With the ability to promote my companies on Facebook and Instagram, I was able to easily turn profit within the first week. At the time I really wished I had someone that could help me start and grow my small businesses. With experiencing how hard it was starting out, I wanted to help offer my service and help other start up their small businesses or help care for clients of an already successful business.

So if you’re struggling to find time to do the things your love or needing a partner to help you achieve your goals. Contact me! I specialize in helping busy entrepreneurs organize, promote and scale their brand and I can help you too!